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Interviews and conversations with nerds, artists, and theologians

Nov 18, 2015

     The Force A̶w̶a̶k̶e̶n̶s̶ Cringes! Actress Katie Cofield ("Sleepy Hollow" [FOX], "Once Upon A Time: The Rock Opera") joins me this episode to nerd out about the future of the "Star Wars" franchise in anticipation of the release of "The Force Awakens." Katie recently appeared as an elementary school teacher who helps Ichabod Crane on the hit drama, "Sleepy Hollow," on FOX. She shares what it's like being on the set of a major network drama and also offers some behind-the-scenes insights in the competitive field of getting gigs for television and film. We also talk about her recent experience starring in "Once Upon A Time: The Rock Opera," and what it was like performing from a pirate ship at Comic-Con!