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Interviews and conversations with nerds, artists, and theologians

Jun 9, 2017

     Dacre Stoker is the great-grand-nephew of Bram Stoker, author of the classic novel, "Dracula."  Dacre has devoted himself to the academic research and preservation of his famous great-grand-uncle's literary legacy.  He joins the podcast to discuss how Bram Stoker's real life experiences growing up may have inspired some of the terrifying images and story in "Dracula."

     I am also joined by guest co-host, Leah Davydov, from Cleveland State University.  Leah is a local vampire scholar who has also devoted herself to researching Bram Stoker, vampire literature, and mythology.  We talk about the different castles in Romania that may or may not have been connected to the real life Vlad the Impaler or perhaps inspired the fictional castle in the novel.  I tell Dacre about the time I visited Transylvania as an obnoxious American tourist and humiliated myself, and we discuss "Dracula" in media, television, and film.

     Featuring "Tocatta and Fugue" by Johann Sebastian Bach - performed by Dan Rogers