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Interviews and conversations with nerds, artists, and theologians

May 25, 2015

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     Kathy Fisher from the band, Fisher, joins the Cringe podcast! If you have the soundtrack to the 1998 movie, “Great Expectations," then you have Fisher on your phone or iPod as we speak. Their single, “I Will Love You,” made them the most downloaded band on the internet. That’s not hyperbole – that’s an empirical, calculable fact.

     During this episode, Kathy and I go track-by-track, listening to some of my favorite Fisher songs both on their new album, "3," and from the back catalogue, and Kathy shares the stories behind how they were written. I wasn't sure if Kathy would be into talking about the Bible or theology, but she was totally into it, and it's great. We talk in depth about the music that she and her husband, Ron Wasserman, have written for television, film, and the EDM scene. Kathy also explains to Marcel van Grandpa what "EDM" means.

     UPDATE:  This episode was remastered on April 4, 2018.