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Interviews and conversations with nerds, artists, and theologians

Sep 16, 2015

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     The President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians performs magic on the Cringe podcast and discusses the illusion of aggressively polarizing politics. Joe M. Turner has been seen on Good Morning America, Nightline, and CNN Headline News. He is the president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, but before that, he was named him Greater Atlanta’s Magician of the Year by the International Brotherhood three times. He is a columnist for Genii Magazine and has performed Off-Broadway in Monday Night Magic – the longest-running magic show in New York City. He is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts, the Society of American Magicians, the Magic Circle in London, and the first Georgia magician to play all three showrooms in the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

     Joe and I disagree about a number of topics politically, theologically, and artistically in real life, but this episode we talk about how the theatrical arts like magic can help people overcome the urge to be vitriolic and engage in healthy communities of dialogue where we can learn from each other. Plus, Joe will read your mind by performing an interactive illusion here on the podcast that you the listener can participate in!